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Real Flower Jewelry

Design by Beauty and Nature 

Real Flower Jewelry is made of real, natural flowers.
Each flower is carefully selected for originality, color and shape.
It is then dried, preserved and covered with several coats of resin, to achieve a hard and durable finish. 
This process can take as much as one week for each flower. With proper care, our creations will last forever.
It is Nature that makes each piece of our jewelry absolutely unique.
There are never two alike.

Real Flower Jewelry - Earrings

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Unique Felted soap

Multicolored Bar skin Exfoliation Oatmeal Almond Soap Stocking Stuffer 

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Flower Bath Bombs Collection


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Not sure which would look best on me, so purchased both the yellow dendrobium kasem and the orange sakura orchid necklaces. Was thinking of giving one of them to my sister, but then decided to keep both. They’re just so versatile and easy to switch out, depending on the outfit for the day. Really cute and surprisingly matches my v-neck pullover sweaters.

Tara K., New York, NY

I ordered the Red Yellow Paph Bellatulum necklace with the black suede strap. Very easy to match with just jeans and pullovers or when wearing my dark printed dress. Received lots of compliments from my girlfriends over the weekend. Didn’t really want to tell them where I got it from.

Jessica C. Edison, NJ

Bought the green mokara orchid with the suede cord for my girlfriend for her birthday. She adores it. Great quality. She absolutely love the boldness of the green color to go with her spring dress she wore to her birthday dinner. 

Jack T. Princeton, NJ

Jack T., Princeton, NJ

I am typically not a bath person. Came across Lavender Fifth Avenue site. Had been a bit stressed at work, so decided to spontaneously bought a few of the bath bombs. Soaked in the bath for about an hour with their blood orange bath bomb this evening. Definitely taking more baths!!! Felt really relaxing in the tub. Loved the way my skin feel afterwards. Going to try out the rose bath bomb next.

Anna K,. Newyork, NY

I typically wear solid colored blouses to the office with my pant suits. Thought I would like to lighten up my image and cas things up a bit. Put on the Purple Green Dendrobium necklace. Looks great. I think my coworkers definitely smiled more when they come by my desk.
Jenny V. New York, NY

Jenny V. New York, NY